Local development Management Section 


Head: Vesna Đukanović, Address: Petra Kočića 2 , 79220 Novi Grad Phone: +387 52/720-466 Fax: + 387 52/720-901 E-mail: vesna.djukanovic@opstina-novigrad.com E-mail of the office: projekti@opstina-novigrad.com

Local development Management  Section represents the key entity responsible for development processes at Novi Grad municipality area, implementing development strategies, raising donor’s funds, and attracting domestic and foreign investors.

More specifically, this Section:

– Coordinates all activities related to the management of the municipal development, – Initiates, organizes and implements  a strategic planning process and propose measures for improving the process, – Monitors revise, evaluates and reports about  the implementation of the Development Strategy and other sectoral strategies to the  Mayor of the Municipality, for adoption by the Municipal Assembly, in coordination with the relevant organizational units of the Municipality, – Collects a database of other organizational units and regularly update socio-economic indicators for the central database of the importance for  local development, – Makes expert analyzes and information, reports for the needs of the Municipal Assembly, the Mayor, the Economic Council and other bodies that are organized in order to review and propose the most optimal solutions for individual areas and the Municipality as a whole, – Monitors the available funding sources, identify projects, develops projects and creates application packages for donor funding,  conducts project implementation and monitoring, – Actively participates in the preparation of the annual work plans of the departments in the Municipal Administration and other bodies and organizations in the municipality, synchronizing them and harmonizing them with the goals and deadlines set in the Municipal Development Strategy; – Monitors the implementation of plans, supervises implementation, takes measures for realization and provides expert assistance, reports to the Mayor on all important issues and problems in the implementation of the Development Strategy; – Prepares publications, guides, brochures and other promotional materials of the local economy, – Prepares promotional campaigns and presentations of the local economy on the fairs, -Active participation in searching, informing and facilitating the  investment process to interested investors in Novi Grad, – Allows interactive and easier communication with potential investors through forums, surveys, and online services.


Local development Management Section cooperates with:

  • The Mayor of the Municipality and all the organizational units of the municipal administration of Novi Grad,
  • Local businessmen,
  • Ministries of Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina,
  • Public institutions in the area of the municipality,
  • Domestic and international organizations,
  • Municipalities and Cities in the Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Organizational structure:


– Head of Section

– Independent expert associate for strategic planning, integration, and cooperation,

– Independent expert associate for  the support to  local economy and investors,

– Expert associate for the investments,

– Expert associate for development, implementation and projects monitoring,

– Administrative Associate.




– Vesna Đukanović, Head of Section:  vesna.djukanovic@opstina-novigrad.com 

– Daliborka Umićević, Independent expert associate for  the support to  local economy and investors: daliborka.umicevic@opstina-novigrad.com 

– Olivera Ćulibrk, Independent expert associate for  the support to  local economy and investors: olivera.culibrk@opstina-novigrad.com 

– Dijana Tadić, Expert associate for the investments: dijana.tadic@opstina-novigrad.com  

– Saša Mirić, Expert associate for development, implementation, and projects monitoring: sasa.miric@opstina-novigrad.com 


Presentation of Local development management department



Mayor’s Office

Chief of Office:  Nenad Drljača, Address: Petra Kočića 2 , 79220 Novi Grad Phone: +387 52/720-454 Fax: + 387 52/720-901 E-mail: sef.kabineta@opstina-novigrad.com


Mayor`s Office, in the field of local economic development, coordinates preparation and implementation of local development projects, prepares financial construction of local development projects, establishes contacts and constantly looks for new investments, follows and offers professional and technical support to already existing and potential investors, etc.


Organizational structure:


– Chief of Office,

– Expert Advisor for economy and development projects,

– Expert Advisor for the representation of the Municipality in courts

– Expert Advisor for legal affairs,

– Independent Expert Associate for public relations,

– Independent Expert Associate for the establishment, implementation, and financial management development and control,

– Administrative Expert Associate.


Department of Economy and Agriculture

Head:  Miroslava Pašić, Address: Petra Kočića 2 , 79220 Novi Grad Phone: +387 52/720-460 Fax: + 387 52/720-901 E-mail: miroslava.pasic@opstina-novigrad.com

The Department of Economy and Agriculture performs professional and administrative tasks relating to study and analytical tasks from economy (industry, trade and supply, catering, traffic, and communications), agriculture, forestry, and water management, support the development of institutions in charge of entrepreneurship advancement – handcraft, small and medium companies, development of handcraft and entrepreneurship activities, implementation of policies and development strategies, support to investment policy into local companies, creating conditions to bring foreign investors, defining and implementing agriculture measurements and structural policy in agriculture, implementation of measurements for supporting agriculture, the advancement of competitiveness measurements in agriculture, economic-social revitalization of rural infrastructure, performs tasks from the field of integrated development of the City from the scope of work of the Department.



1. Department of Economy

Contact: Miroslava Pašić. Address: Petra Kočića 2 , 79220 Novi Grad Phone: + 387 52/720-902 Fax: + 387 52/720-901 E-mail: miroslava.pasic@opstina-novigrad.com

Organizational structure:

– Head of the Section, – Independent Expert Associate for Administrative and Legal Affairs in the field of entrepreneurial activities, – Independent Expert Associate for the management of natural resources – Independent Associate for Planning and Development of Trade, – Expert Associate for the analysis of the situation in the sector of small and medium-sized enterprises, entrepreneurial activities and informing – Expert Associate for managing databases in the sector of small and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurial activities, – Expert  Associate for improving business infrastructure, – Market Research Associate.


2. Department of Agriculture

Head of Section: Olivera Popović, Address: Petra Kočića 2, 79220 Novi Grad Phone: + 387 52/720-456 Fax: + 387 52/720-901 E-mail: olivera.popovic@opstina-novigrad.com


Organizational structure:

– Head of Section, – Independent Expert Associate for the management of agri-food products, – Independent Expert Associate for fruit growing and viticulture, – Independent Expert Associate for cattle-breeding, – Associate for breeding and selection.