• Educational structure

    Secondary education in the municipality of Novi Grad is provided by two educational institutions:

    1. – Secondary School Center “Đuro Radmanović” Novi Grad
    2. – Gymnasium “Petar Kočić” Novi Grad

    There is one higher education institution in the municipality of Novi Grad – the Pan-European University Apeiron, Banja Luka branch. Students at the Pan-European University Apeiron, Novi Grad department, have the opportunity to enroll in several undergraduate programs, including:

    1. – Entrepreneurial Management
    2. – Banking, Finance, and Trade Management
    3. – General Legal Studies
    4. – Business Informatics

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  • Educational profiles in secondary education

    Traffic: Road Traffic Technician, Logistics and Freight Forwarding Technician, Operator of Construction and Handling Machinery and Cranes

    Mechanical Engineering and Metal Processing: Welder, Toolmaker, Mechanical Engineering Technician for Computer-Aided Design

    Economics, Law, and Commerce: Salesperson, Business Informatics Technician, Economic Technician

    Electrical Engineering: Electrician-Electrical Installer, Information Technology Technician

    Healthcare: Physiotherapy Technician, Pharmaceutical Technician

    Hospitality and Tourism: Waiter/Waitress, Cook, Tourism Technician