Why invest in Novi Grad?

Novi Grad is a small town with huge number of   natural  and other resources. This is very attractive investment  location in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which offers an optimal solution for potential investors.

We reply to all investors’ queries and provide  information on opportunities and conditions for investment into the Municipality, provide support to  investors in the investment process and the investor aftercare services.

Our team is committed to serving the ambitious investor!

We are proactive! We are open!

We are ready to welcome each of you, to explore how we  could grow together!

  • Geostrategic position and communication

    Border with European Union, accessible and well connected to all major highways, railways, airports, river ports and sea ports

  • Natural resources

    Rivers, forests, land, fresh water and air, ores and minerals

  • Institutional support and proactive and flexible administration

    Novi Grad is a small town, but it has the needed infrastructure and systems in place, which make it especially accessible, flexible and friendly, compared to larger towns

  • Encouraging tax policy and easy access to international market

    Value added tax is 17% -the lowest in region