Economy structure


  • Labor force - employment

    The municipality has 3903 job holders






  • High School Education

    Secondary education in the municipality of Novi Grad is provided by two educational institutions:

    1. – Secondary School Center “Đuro Radmanović” Novi Grad
    2. – Gymnasium “Petar Kočić” Novi Grad

    More information about educational institutions

  • University Centers

    There is one higher education institution in the municipality of Novi Grad – the Pan-European University Apeiron, Banja Luka branch. Students at the Pan-European University Apeiron, Novi Grad department, have the opportunity to enroll in several undergraduate programs, including:

    1. – Entrepreneurial Management
    2. – Banking, Finance, and Trade Management
    3. – General Legal Studies
    4. – Business Informatics

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  • Educational profiles in secondary education

    Traffic: Road Traffic Technician, Logistics and Freight Forwarding Technician, Operator of Construction and Handling Machinery and Cranes

    Mechanical Engineering and Metal Processing: Welder, Toolmaker, Mechanical Engineering Technician for Computer-Aided Design

    Economics, Law, and Commerce: Salesperson, Business Informatics Technician, Economic Technician

    Electrical Engineering: Electrician-Electrical Installer, Information Technology Technician

    Healthcare: Physiotherapy Technician, Pharmaceutical Technician

    Hospitality and Tourism: Waiter/Waitress, Cook, Tourism Technician

  • Educational structure and educational profile

    11 educational profiles in 2 high schools (mechanical engineering, business and legal, economics, agricultural, trade and healthy, etc.)

  • Average net/gross salary

    Net salary   1.146,00 KM

    Gross salary 1.719,00 KM


  • Business entities

    145 active business entities:

    Manufacturing industry: 45 companies

    Wholesale and retail trade, repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles: 30 companies

    Transportation and storage: 19 companies

    Accommodation and food service activities, hospitality and catering: 2 companies

    Other service activities: 3 companies

    Professional, scientific, and technical activities: 7 companies

    Agriculture, forestry, and fishing: 9 companies

    Construction: 5 companies

    Real estate activities: 2 companies

    Extraction of ores and stone: 2 companies

    Production and supply of electric energy: 3 companies

    Others: 18 companies

  • Financial performance of SMEs in 2023.

    Total income:  388.811.768,00 KM

    Total expenditures:  318.940.540,00 KM

    Net profit: 19.871.208,00 KM


  • % of participation in revenues of the processing industry

    • Wood industry 33%

    • Textile industry 17,5%

    • Metal industry 1,8%

    • Food industry 43%

    • Production of other non-metallic mineral products 2%

    • Others 2,7%

  • Foreign trade exchange of the Municipality

    Trade volume in 2023: 117.137.000,00 KM

    Total exports in 2023: 32.424.000,00 KM

    Total imports in 2023: 84.714.000,00 KM

    The most significant foreign trade partners are Germany, Italy, Slovenia, and Croatia. The most significant export products are wood and wood products, textiles and textile products, and basic metals and metal products. The most significant import products are chemical industry products, food industry products, tobacco, machinery and mechanical appliances, electrical equipment, telephones, etc.

  • Foreign investors

    Number of companies with foreign capital: 16

    Major foreign investors :

    • ,,VASTIL” d.o.o. Novi Grad (foreign investor from Italy, 2017.) 
    • ,,bioCONCEPT” d.o.o. Novi Grad (foreign investor from Serbia, 2014.) 
    • “Fabrika peleta” d.o.o. Novi Grad (foreign investor from Serbia, 2012.) 
    • “SMS IE” d.o.o. Novi Grad (foreign investor from Austria, 2011.) 
    • ,,UNAGRO” d.o.o. Novi Grad (foreign investor from Serbia, 2015.)