Novi Grad met criteria for International Certificate of BFC SEE

Novi Grad  Municipality is one of the municipalities that managed to fulfil 10 very demanding criteria and more than 80 sub-criteria for improving the quality of services and information provided by local self-government units to businessmen and foreign investors.

Business Friendly Certification South East Europe (BFC SEE) is a unique regional program for improvement of competitiveness of local self-governments, which is implemented both in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region.

This program is aimed at cities and municipalities which have adequate capacities, which are strategically committed to improving the economic environment, attracting investments and encouraging the development of the local economy.

BFC SEE certification improves the work of the administration, develops mechanisms that are beneficial to investors, the private sector, and the public.

The program enables the inclusion of the economy in the development processes of municipality and municipal administration about the improvement of the economic environment.

Through the implementation of BFC SEE standards, investors are offered:

  • safe investment location for investment
  • partnership with local government
  • business success and further development of the company
  • competitiveness, benefits and additional business advantages.