Building permit

The construction of an object can be accessed only on the basis of the decision to issue a building permit. The building permit is issued by the Department for Physical Planning and Housing and Municipal Affairs, Municipalities of Novi Grad Municipality, in the area where the facility is being built.

(1) With the request for issuing a building permit, the investor shall enclose:

location approvals

proof of resolved property-legal relations (Excerpt from the public register of real estate, land register, title certificate, contract or decision of the competent authority suitable as the basis for acquiring ownership or construction rights for the benefit of the investor, joint construction contract concluded with the landowner or immovable property),

concession contract or public-private partnership, if for the required construction of concessions or final agreement on public-private partnership in accordance with special regulations,

the main project in three copies,

report on the revision of technical documentation, except for buildings with a gross construction area of less than 400m2, except for official buildings within the meaning of this Law,

report and a certificate of nostrification in the case of projects built according to the regulations of other countries,

environmental permit if necessary or a decision on the release of an environmental impact study in accordance with environmental regulations, and

other evidence specified by special laws.


(2) The investor is obliged to submit a decision on the determination of the amount of compensation for the construction of urban construction land and annuities, and proof of payment of the determined amount of compensation, or the contract on the manner of settlement of these obligations, to the competent authority at his request before issuing the building permit.

(3) For individual housing and individual housing and business buildings whose gross construction area is less than 400 m², except for complex objects in the sense of this Law, which are built in the area for which the implementation of the spatial planning or non-urban area has been issued, for rent construction permits do not require location conditions.

а) Obračun jednokratne rente
Building zoneBasis in KMPercentage %The amount of one-time annuities in EUR
b) Naknada za uređenje gradskog građevinskog zemljišta
Building zoneBasis in KMPercentage %The amount of one-time annuities in EUR

If infrastructure objects, equipment and installations are not built on building plots, the amount of the compensation is reduced for the unbuckled, namely:

For the water supply network:4%
For the electricity network: 5%
For asphalt road with sidewalk:  11%
For asphalt pavement without sidewalks: 9%
For sewage for wastewater 5%
For the macadam path: 5%
For the pipeline:  4%
For rainwater: 4%
For public lighting: 3%
For the telephone network: 3%

Contact for more information:

Department of Spatial Planning and Housing Affairs

Address: Petra Kočića 2,79220 Novi Grad
Telephone: +387 52 720 467;

Upon receiving the request for issuing a building permit, the competent authorities have 15 days from the date of receipt of the application, along with the prescribed documentation, to make a decision.