Benefits and incentives

Services provided by the Municipality of Novi Grad to investors:

The Municipality of Novi Grad has a Department of Economy and Agriculture, which in cooperation with the Local development Management Section,  responds to investor inquiries and provides information on investment opportunities and conditions in the municipality, provides support in the investment process and post-investment support to existing investors.

Location approvals issuance in 15 days, building permits in 15 days and use permits in 18 days. More information on obtaining permits procedures is available HERE

Company registration procedure in 3 days and entrepreneurship registration procedure in 1 day. More information on the procedure of registration of companies and entrepreneurs is available HERE.

The municipality offers local benefits and incentives for agricultural production and small and medium enterprise-more information is available HERE. The Municipality of Novi Grad also provides counseling and support services when applying for incentives or grant funds.

Information on the operational costs (prices of utility services, fiscal and parafiscal payments) is available HERE.

Information on human resources (workforce, employments, salary) is available HERE.

Databases: the economic profile, the database of the entrepreneurs, the database of companies, brownfield and greenfield locations database, private sector investments, the business area managed and not managed by Novi Grad Municipality, data on available infrastructure in business zones. All databases are available HERE.

Support to investors through the promotion of the local economy at fairs. More information is available HERE.

Contacts for the investors:

Local development Management Section
Head: Vesna Đukanović,
Address: Petra Kočića 2 , 79220 Novi Grad Phone: +387 52/720-466 Fax: +387 52/720-901 E-mail:
Cabinet of the Mayor
Chief of Office: Nenad Drljača
Address: Petra Kočića 2 , 79220 Novi Grad Phone: + 387 52/720-454 Fax: +387 52/720-901 E-mail:
Department of Economy and Agriculture
Head: Miroslava Pašić
Address: Petra Kočića 2 , 79220 Novi Grad Phone: + 387 52/720-461 Fax: + 387 52/720-901 E-mail:


Communication with citizens and Info desk

Novi Grad  Municipality established an Info Des in 2004The procedure for receiving and issuing documents has been shortened so that the administration has become more efficient and faster, and citizens more satisfied.

Electronic government (eGovernment) was officially introduced at the beginning of 2019, which simplified and accelerated communication between citizens and municipal administration, and increased the transparency of the public sector in the provision of public services. The eGovernment application includes the following modules:

Electronic register office – is a module that enables citizens to easily and quickly get the certificate of a birth, death, marriage  or certificate, at any time of day 24/7/365;

eDocuments – enables citizens to get all the necessary information and to easily fill in certain applications/requests/forms online;

eDiaspora – speeds up the process of communication between the diaspora and the municipal administration, and increases the transparency of the public sector in the provision of public services for citizens who are in the diaspora. Through the eDiaspora service, all citizens in the diaspora are enabled to offer various forms of cooperation, or simply ask a question related to the services provided by the municipal administration;

Service48 – citizens can at any time report a communal problem electronically or ask a question to the municipal administration;

eStatus – electronic check of the status of the submitted request, whether it has been completed or the location of the submitted request.


International certificates

ISO 9001 certificate, issued by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). This standard is the international standard that specifies requirements for a quality management system (QMS). Organizations use the standard to demonstrate the ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements.


BFC SEE certificate, issued by the National Alliance for Local Economic Development (NALED). The BFC SEE seal of quality is an internationally recognized indicator of efficient local administration and a favorable investment climate in southeast Europe. Ensuring a stable and predictable business environment, it guarantees investors that all certified municipalities in the region provide a premium level of services to companies.