The Decision on utility fees, on which had been organized public discussion in Novi Grad, envisages significant rise of fees for legal entities that is persons that performs any type of production or business activities as business company. Suggestions on Decision will be taken into consideration, after which, the text of the document will be discussed within Economic council of Novi Grad Municipality and at the session of Municipal council of Novi Grad Municipality.

Danka Graonić, Head of the section for communal and housing, property-legal and environment protection affairs, had emphasized that minimal rises of utility fees is envisaged for entrepreneurs that perform business activities as private persons.

,,The Decision in force is from 2012th and there were a huge differences in amounts since types of businesses were differently grouped. The new Decision has grouped types of businesses in better way and more precisely defined amounts for each specific field”, she had said.

The following are exempt from paying fee: institutions and public institutions, organizations and NGOs of a public interest and persons from families of the fallen, deceased, missing or captured war veterans, disabled war veterans and civilian casualties of the war.

Also, exempted from paying utility fee for the first year of business operation are persons that for the first time run production or service activity, as entrepreneurs.

From utility fees, as primary municipal source of revenues, last year had been realized 347.000 BAM, while for this year is envisaged rise by 3.19%.


Municipality of Novi Grad informs all interested sides (legal and private persons) that public discussion on Draft decision on utility fees is scheduled for January 16th 2019. at 10.00 am, in administrative building of Municipality of Novi Grad, office no. 5 (the great hall).

We kindly ask all interested sides to attend and actively take participation at scheduled public discussion. The Draft decision you can find here.

A meeting was held with company representatives

Deputy Mayor of Novi Grad Bojan Lukač, Head of the Department of Economy and Agriculture Mira Drljača and Head of the Department for Local and Economic Development Ljiljana Grab met with the representatives of the Austrian companies Printberry and Lenox Consulting, as well as representatives of the company “Depal” from Novi Grad, which is engaged in the production of pellets.
The meeting focused on the business operations of Depal, the expansion of production, the problems that the company encounters and ways of overcoming them. Also discussed were the possibilities of investing in the territory of the municipality of Novi Grad and establishing cooperation with the Austrian companies Printberry and Lenox Consulting.
Deputy Mayor Bojan Lukač informed the audience about the situation in the economy, and stressed that the Municipality of Novi Grad is interested in every type of cooperation, which will result in the creation of new jobs.

Supported production of traditional cheese

In the framework of the realization of the project “Development of capacity for production of traditional cheese in the territory of the municipality of Novi Grad”, a mini cheese fair was held in the hall of the Cultural and Educational Center Novi Grad, where three rural households, ie three beneficiaries of the Project, On this occasion, the Contract on the take-over of equipment was signed. The theme of the project is development of processing capacities for traditional dairy products, primarily cheese specific for the area of ​​the new Podgrmečje and Potkozar. Through this project, 3 mini syraes with daily production of cheese up to 10 kg were launched, as well as created conditions for sustainability and increase of production volume in the future.

The Mayor of Novi Grad, Miroslav Drljaca, addressed the participants.

“The significance of this project is reflected not only in the promotion of traditional products, but also in the fact that women are at the forefront of it,” said Drljača, adding: “With this project, women return from the margin to the center of events, because the project is intended for unemployed women in the rural area “.

The project was implemented within the financial mechanism for financing projects for integrated sustainable local development 2016/2017 and was co-financed by the UN Development Program, the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Srpska, the Ministry of Administration and Local Self-Government of Republika Srpska, the Investment Development Bank of RS and the Municipality of Novi Grad.

Meeting on the topic of the “Lješljani” mine

In the premises of the Municipality of Novi Grad today a meeting was held on the topic of the project of brown coal mine “Lješljani”.

Besides the Mayor of Novi Grad, Miroslav Drljače and his deputy, Bojan Lukač, the meeting was attended by the consultant in the Polish Ministry of Energy, Dr. Michal Pietrasewski, General Director of the Polish company “inFonics” Boguslaw Skuza, Director of the Economic Revival from Banja Luka Dragan Borković, representatives of the Mining Institute from Banja Luka Luke Radmila Kotaran and Vladimir Bijelić, as well as deputy in the National Assembly of Republika Srpska Vanja Bajić.

The meeting was focused on launching an investment in the Lješljana mine, problems to date, financing models, existing and needed infrastructure, and the steps ahead.

All participants expressed good will for mutual cooperation and great interest in the realization of the project “Lješljani” mine, and agreed on the procedures that need to be solved in the forthcoming period, in order to get into the implementation process as soon as possible.